Grabbing Cubes is a process, or game, of emptying a box filled with cubes, by repeatedly removing a chosen cube and all cubes on the same lines as that cube, parallel to the edges of the box. My Grabbing Cubes paper discusses the game and especially how long the game lasts.

Wordscapes is an online game in which the user constructs English words from a given set of letters, thus filling in words on a sparse crossword-style grid. Some players believe that puzzles are sometimes repeated later in the series. My Wordscapes and the Sense of Repeated Puzzles paper discusses what elements of the puzzles are repeated, how often, and whether this is likely to seem like repeated puzzles.

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January 2022

Test of image on web site

If you cross a fiber optic cable with a pumpkin, what do you get?

A glass pumpkin patch!

seven colorful glass pumpkins

Historical tile pattern


The diagram above is a test use of the HTML table element. It is intended to be square, 8 rows and 8 columns. If it does not look square in your browser, try dragging the right edge of your browser's window left or right to adjust the window width. The diagram width is specified as a percentage of the window width, so you can make the diagram square by adjusting the window.

The diagram shows a "random block" floor tile pattern used widely around the 1950's, at least in New England, in bathrooms in both residential and small commercial buildings.

I am trying to find out why this pattern was used and not some other pattern. Surely, it involves several aesthetic and practical criteria. It would help my investigation to know who manufactured this pattern. You can help me if you know who made it -- please contact me (email address below). If someone you know might know about it, please show them the diagram. Thank you!

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Dick Koolish helped me get started on this web site. Dick's fascinating web page about the "MIT Henge" phenomenon has GREAT PHOTOS.

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